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Rhinodigm LLC. | Annapolis, MD

Organizational Management and Leadership Excellence

Join Us On September 18th at 8am to 10am for this Leadership Breakfast Event. (SOLD OUT)

Join Us On October 10th at 8am to 10am [Due to the overwhelming response, this second date has been added!]

If you want a better organization, become a better leader!

Upcoming Leadership Event: September 18th for this Leadership Breakfast Event and Learn How to Build a Bulletproof Business!

Most leaders are passionate about their business, and if they had better ideas for how to grow their company, they would use them. They really do want to move their company into the top rank, but they’ve learned first-hand that just wanting it is not enough. They work very, very hard, but after a while, they realize that, no matter how hard they work, something important seems to be missing, and they’re not quite sure what that something is. They’ve fallen prey to the “Blind Spots Syndrome” – they don’t know what they don’t know about the obstacles they face.

Organizational Management & Leadership Excellence enables successful business leaders to come together and further develop their behaviors, attitudes, and techniques in key areas such as:
• Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding, and Managing Organizational Change
• Leadership Roles, Managing Work Relationships, Staging Effective Meetings, and Understanding Your People
• Goal Setting, Improving Team Performance, and Maximizing Personal Performance

“Blind-Spots Syndrome” undermines or destroys too many businesses.
These key areas are addressed by discussing 13 of the top business blind-spots and how to correct the most dangerous leadership oversights, so you can elevate your company to even greater heights.

The Top Blind Spots for Owners & Leaders:
Blind Spot #1: Not Having A Process for Hiring
Blind Spot #2: Improperly Onboarding People
Blind Spot #3: Failing to Tie Corporate Goals to Personal Goals
Blind Spot #4: Not Creating A Culture of Accountability
Blind Spot #5: No Common Sales Language
Blind Spot #6: Not Focusing on Lead Generation
Blind Spot #7: Not Capturing Best Practices
Blind Spot #8: Failing to Train and Coach Management Staff
Blind Spot #9: Not Building the Bench
Blind Spot #10: Not Knowing How to Coach
Blind Spot #11: Not Sharing the Vision with Those Who Have to Implement It
Blind Spot #12: Fostering a Culture of Learned Helplessness
Blind Spot #13: No Methodologies and Systems

Do you have any of these blind spots? If so, how are you going to attack and obliterate them? In this course, David will help you make sure you’re a well-oiled machine, fully prepared for peak performance in today's marketplace.

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